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Douglas A1 Skyraider Once Carried a Toilet as an Aerial Bomb During

A-1H Skyraider became the most massively produced modification of the American carrier-based strike aircraft in the 1950s-1960s. The AD-6 modification, later designated as A-1H, was created as an improved AD-4B with better AA survivability. By the time the Vietnam War began, they were considered obsolete and were replaced by jets.

Douglas A1 Skyraider Once Carried a Toilet as an Aerial Bomb During

Description. The Heavy Tank M6A1 is a rank III American heavy tank with a battle rating of 4.7 (AB) and 5.0 (RB/SB). It was one of the first American tanks to be released with the American ground tree in Update 1.45 "Steel Generals".A rather unusual tank design mounting two cannons in the turret, however, it has a durable frontal armour for the battle rating it occupies.

Did The Navy Attack Squadron Dropped A TOILET Bomb During The Vietnam

Meet the A-1H Skyraider, the main aircraft prize of the upcoming Battle Pass season! Can carry tons of bombs, rockets, napalm and even a pretty special, huh. kinetic projectile. 😅 👉 https://wt.link/Skyraider

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I am writing this article mainly to prove that JH7A has the ability to mount and use these weapons. I don't expect to add all of these weapons in next update, I just hope that the weapons equipped for JH7A in War Thunder are worth the BR it is located in. Of course, I will also express my attitude towards whether to add these weapons. So let's start. The GB guided bomb series The GB series.

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The AD-6, now known as the A-1H, would be the most numerous produced at 712 units and would serve as an essential ground support aircraft for the US throughout the Vietnam War. The A-1H's had one of its most memorable moment come in October 1965 when Commander Clarence J. Stoddard of the US Navy, to commemorate the 6 millionth pound of ordnance.

A1H Toilet Bomb? r/Warthunder

I think gaijin favors the red team. r/Warthunder. Join. • 23 days ago.

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Use the Mk77. Just tested it a few minutes ago and it worked. It has to be on this plane though. you also have to be accurate and drop it next to the thing. Heavy-Locksmith-3767. • 1 yr. ago. This is gonna make for some cracked killcams. small_brain_time. • 1 yr. ago.

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Battle Pass vehicles: A-1H SkyraiderA-1H Skyraider, attack aircraft, USA, rank IV. Premium.thanx for watch like and sublink to discord https://discord.gg/RR.

When Paper Tiger II Dropped a Toilet Over North Viet Nam Sierra Hotel

TouchMeHarderX3 • 1 yr. ago. Context- during the Vietnam War, President Johnson said something along the lines of, "we've thrown everything we got at them but the toilet and the kitchen sink." So, as a joke, the captain of a skyraider taking off from the USS enterprise dropped a malfunctioning toilet in North Vietnam.

What is this bomb?(from teaser) r/Warthunder

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Since A1H is getting toilet bomb how about Gaijin would give AD4 sink

It should be very very hard to kill someone with it, but when you do, there is a toilet 🚽 icon in the kill feed and a flush sound . 55. BrokeTunder • lrf0skill • 1 yr. ago. yup, if it has less than 10-20mm of armor, should kill whatever it hits ( if its a direct hit) 13. InsertDumbUsername_ • gib t-90m • 1 yr. ago • Edited 1 yr. ago.


I'd say from rank 3 to rank 5 or 6 (none of these are in the list of previously suggested vehicles) 1 / 3. AMX VCI (an APC based on the AMX-13) with an M45 Quadmount turret (the M16's turret). 4 12.7mm guns and no radar; i'd see it around 3.0 to 3.7 . chars-francais.net. r/Warthunder. Join.

lol you can actually kill things with the a1h's toilet bomb r/Warthunder

The A-1H in War Thunder is a US Ground Attack Plane that excels at Close Air Support. And of course, it has the historical Toilet Bomb! :)In this video I at.

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Nuclear weapons in War Thunder allowed skilled players who accumulate enough airstrike points in arcade or spawn points in realistic ground battles to pilot a nuclear weapon-armed aircraft into the battlefield and drop a nuclear bomb. Successful deployment of the bomb will end the game instantly in favour of the team that first dropped their.