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Tornado IDS is a multi-role fighter-bomber developed in the late 1970s through collaboration between the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.

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The Panavia Tornado is a multi-role combat aircraft that emerged from a collaborative effort among three European nations: the United Kingdom, West Germany, and Italy. To accomplish this, in 1969 a consortium known as Panavia Aircraft GmbH was formed to oversee the Tornado's development.

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Tornados Ids bugs. Nerfs. useless 11.0 Machinery of War Discussion Aircraft germany Dontkev July 16, 2023, 9:00am #141 Yea, but the other TT Tornado's IDS are 11.7 in SB which makes not realy any sense Schindibee July 17, 2023, 8:58am #142 Absolutely.

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Description The Panavia Tornado is a two-seat, twin-engine, swing-wing, multi-role combat aircraft built jointly by Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. This version is the Tornado Interdiction/Strike or IDS, and was intended as a low-flying fighter bomber armed with precision weapons.

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Hey guys taking a look on the new Tornado IDS added this patch today!Join our Discord: this channel to get access to perks:.

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4.1 Pros and cons 5 History 5.1 Concept 5.2 Development 5.3 Service 6 Media 7 See also 8 External links Description During the acquisition of the Tornado IDS by the Luftwaffe, the Deutschemarine (German Navy) also received 112 Tornado IDS aircraft for the anti-shipping and maritime patrol/reconnaissance roles.

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The Panavia Tornado is a family of twin-engine, variable-sweep wing multirole combat aircraft, jointly developed and manufactured by Italy, the United Kingdom and West Germany. Vehicles Rank VIII Germany. Tornado IDS ASSTA1; Tornado IDS Marineflieger; Italy. Tornado IDS (1995) Tornado ADV; Britain. Tornado GR.1; Tornado F.3

Tornado IDS in action The Aviationist

Tornado IDS ASSTA1 (Germany) - War Thunder Wiki navigation search RANK 6 BRITAIN Rooikat 105 PACK BUY This page is about the strike aircraft Tornado IDS ASSTA1 (Germany). For other versions, see Tornado (Family). Tornado IDS ASSTA1 G.91 R/3 Germany VIII Rank Battle rating: Class: Strike aircraft Research: 400 000 Purchase: 1 080 000 Show in game

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German top-tier Tornado IDS Marineflieger jet fighter is the main aviation prize of the upcoming winter special event in War Thunder. Tornado IDS Marineflieger, strike aircraft, Germany, Rank VIII, Event vehicle. Features: Variable sweep wing Large payload AS.34 Kormoran anti-ship missiles Supersonic History

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Meet the Tornado IDS WTD 61! The Tornado IDS WTD 61 is another representative from the Tornado family that is in service with the Luftwaffe. A spectacular aircraft capable of shining in different roles, the Tornado IDS WTD 61 is coming to War Thunder as an attack variant, and for pre-ordering, you'll receive an awesome looking red and white camouflage (visible in the screens below)!

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Taking a look at all three versions of the "Interdiction and Strike" version of the Panavia Tornado added to War Thunder with the "apex predators" update.===.

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Before getting there and being able to do that, they just had to make 5 major update every year for the past 11 years while keeping the game free to play and catering to the wishes of a very passionate and diverse palyersbase worldwide. Clearly no effort ๐Ÿ‘ gromvoiny December 5, 2023, 2:57pm #40 Slickshotz: Going to eat this alive in my F16C lol

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69.99 Store Tornado IDS WTD 61: A Premium Strike Aircraft for Germany at Rank VII Features: Great bomb load! AIM-9L air-to-air missiles. High speed. Thrust Reverse. Meet the Tornado IDS WTD 61! The Tornado IDS WTD 61 is another representative from the Tornado family that is in service with the Luftwaffe.

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p 1: Go to WT live. Step 4 : Give it a 10.0 BR so they can sell thounsands of them ! ^^ Schindibee December 5, 2023, 3:23pm #47 Chris4win: The event tornado is already useless in both game modes What you mean "both" game modes?

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The Tornado IDS WTD 61 is capable of carrying a good payload of 12 x 1000 lb Mk 83 bombs as well as free-fall parachute bombs, which can all be conveniently dropped with the help of a ballistic computer (CCIP).

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The AS.34 Kormoran is a German anti-ship missile. It was introduced in Update "Apex Predators".. Vehicles equipped with this weapon Tornado IDS; General info. The AS.34 Kormoran is a German-designed and -produced anti-ship missile, which was primarily designed to target and destroy enemy ships and other water-borne targets, though it also comes with limited ground-attack capability.