Toyota Land Cruiser, Series 70, Fire Truck No. 38, Registration No. 4621, H13 Year. Shizuoka

1992 Toyota Hiace Fire Truck 4WD Diesel Classic Toyota Hiace 1992 for sale

Dec 31, 2021 Monica and Mike Hilbrandt took ownership of this Japanese 4x4, a 1992 Toyota HiAce, and turned it into the snow-slaying, Baja-bashing, overland fire truck of their dreams. When.

VIDEO This fire truck ties together the legendmaking years of Land Cruiser history Japanese

As fire truck, it weighs 5,600 kg (12,346 pounds), but maintains a lower center of gravity than larger fire engines. The Hiload is currently being tested in the Czech Republic as Prospeed.

1995 Toyota ToyoAce Fire Truck (USA Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review YouTube

A company in the UK has converted a Toyota Hilux truck into a badass six-wheeled rapid response vehicle specifically made to fight EV fires. This Toyota Hilux-based fire engine is designed.

No Reserve 1993 Toyota HiAce Fire Truck for sale on BaT Auctions sold for 9,700 on January

By Fred Smith Published: Jul 31, 2022 Bring A Trailer When it comes to import-ready utility vans and trucks, nothing beats the Toyota HiAce for versatility. You can get a HiAce in all manner of.

Jay Leno Drives A Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser Fire Truck

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1993 Toyota Hiace JDM Fire Truck Diesel 5speed 4WD (USA Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review

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Toyota 6x6 Fire Truck Blasts EVs Apart With Mega Powerful Water Cannon

Published April 26, 2023 Comments ( 6) Photo: Prospeed A UK-based company has modified the Toyota Hilux by adding a third axle and extra pair of wheels to turn the legendary pickup into a fire.

Toyota Land Cruiser, Series 70, Fire Truck No. 38, Registration No. 4621, H13 Year. Shizuoka

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Less is more when it comes this Japanesespec Toyota fire truck Hagerty Media

Modified 1992 Toyota HiAce Double Cab Fire Truck 4x4 5-Speed for sale on BaT Auctions - sold for $32,750 on September 26, 2021 (Lot #55,957) | Bring a Trailer This Toyota HiAce got away, but there are more like it here. Modified 1992 Toyota HiAce Double Cab Fire Truck 4×4 5-Speed Sold for $32,750 on 9/26/21 31 Comments View Result Make Toyota

No Reserve 1994 Toyota HiAce Double Cab Fire Truck 5Speed for sale on BaT Auctions sold for

Description. 1994 Toyota Hiace Fire Truck. This is a 1994 Toyota Hiace Truck outfitted as a Fire Truck in Japan. In Japan these trucks are garaged their entire lives. They are always low mileage with limited use. However, they are maintained to a very high degree. If you're looking for a double cab truck, this is the truck to have.

JDM Fire Engine Toyota Hiace Double Cab Diesel 5speed (USA Import) Japan Auction Purchase

A UK-based upfitter, 6x6 Hiload, specializes in converting the Hilux into various six-wheeled emergency, utility, and even military vehicles. 6x6 Hiload's converted chassis adds 1,230mm (48 inches.

1993 Toyota HiAce Fire Truck from Japan, Test Drive, AlphaCars YouTube

1992 TOYOTA HIACE DOUBLE-CAB 4WD FIRE CAPTAIN'S TRUCK One of the lesser-known JDM imports, this double cab Hiace has all the charm of a VW Doka with Toyota's renown reliability. For starters, this rig clocks merely 5,500 original miles, making this pickup literally like-new.

Toyota Hiace fire Truck diesel 4x4 1991, 10,000ml YouTube

It's especially out of place when compared to the average American fire-fighting beast; the Toyota is barely longer than a Chevy Tahoe and weighs in at a feather-light 4,600 pounds. Japan's narrow streets and tight spaces were clearly a factor when the design was conceived.

1993 Toyota Hiace Diesel 4WD 5speed FIRE TRUCK (USA Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review YouTube

Published: 15 Apr 2022, 16:08 UTC • By: Cristian Agatie If you're trying to build a connection with the local fire brigade or just want to have fun in an odd-looking vehicle, this 1993 Toyota.

Toyota Hilux Chosen for West Yorkshire Fire Service • Pro Pickup & 4x4

1995 Toyota HiAce Double Cab Fire Truck 5-Speed No Reserve Sold for $25,000 on 11/5/20 60 Comments View Result Make Toyota Model Toyota HiAce Era 1990s Origin Japanese Category Service Vehicles Category Truck & 4x4 BaT Essentials Seller: carsfromafar Location: Cookeville, Tennessee 38501 Listing Details Chassis: LY1510001454

Toyota Overland Build Platform 1990 Toyota Hiace 4x4 Fire Truck For Sale!

Prospeed. The 6x6 truck starts life as a Toyota Hilux but is fitted with a new chassis to increase its payload capacity to 6,613 pounds. The redesigned truck is longer, but it measures just 72.