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Simple answer: no. He'd have to have a Dart or World Products Man-O-War block to hold it, a stock 5.0 block would split down the middle when it gets to 500 hp. 850 wheel hp means it'd be near 1000 engine hp so no, not possible if he claims it's a stock block.

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79. Cyprus. Jul 24, 2009. #7. Stock Fox Body 5.0's average about 195-200rwhp and 265-270rwtq. The SN95's come in with slightly less at 190-195rwhp and 260-265rwtq due to the more restrictive Thunderbird intake manifold.

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Blue printed stock 5.0's built by knowledgeable shops & run in "factory stock" 5.0 classes make 600 horsepower & are what they & I call "eventual grenades" due to the block's inherent weaknesses. Last time I checked; it would cost me or you 20K to buy one of these superb & yet short lived engines.

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#1 · Mar 2, 2011 Im a little confused. Ford advertises the 5.0 to have 412hp and 390 ft lbs of torque. Now i know that is with running 91 octane. But ive been reading all the posts of people and their tunes and dynojet numbers. And they are coming nowhere close to that number.

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The Ford Mustang GT's 5.0 Coyote has earned a reputation for being a strong factory motor and responding well to basic bolt-on mods. In this guide, we'll discuss a few of the common power mods for the 5.0 Coyote. These mods alone have the ability to push the 5.0 engine into the 500RWHP ballpark without the addition of forced induction.

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2015 Mustang GT 50 Anniversary Package (1st build) 15 Mustang Ecoboost PP(305 Whp 360 Wtq)-MagnaFlow Competition Series Catback -AEM Cold Air Intake -ATP Off-road Downpipe-Mishimoto Intercooler -Dyno Tune by FFTEC Motorsports (Cobb)-UPR SC Oil Catch Can-Turbosmart IWG75 10 PSI Wastegate Actuator-NGK Spark Plugs -HKS BOV CP-E Kit -Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs Steeda Strut Tower Brace

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Lewisville, Texas Oct 4, 2007 #1 For a stock 1992 5.0 engine, FORD listed 225HP / 300Ft.lbs., with MANUAL transmission. I'd like to know what the power loss is for this year. Specifically, I have an LX convertible, 5-Spd. Best I could find, but not necessarily accurate, were 2 guys who reported the following numbers:

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3736 posts · Joined 2014. #8 · Feb 15, 2017. Ok, a dyno should vary like 2-5 whp from pull to pull. if your car changed 77 whp with no other changes, you need to find another dyno. Or just go to the 1/4 and base your whp off your trap speed. 2013 Mustang GT 5.0.

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Our Stock Ecoboost Mustang Dyno Results! We've determined the Stock Ecoboost Mustang power levels, and now it's time to modify the 2015 Ford Mustang! It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon when we brought home our newest addition to the shop here in Cottage Grove, MN. Eager to get started on some Ecoboost Mustang mods, we hit the rollers the.

Used 2017 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Fully Built Engine! Only 2k Miles! Twin

2) Mustang GT S197 Whipple SC Kits (550-850+whp) Price: ~$7,345 - 10,000+. Whipple has a ton of supercharger kits available for the 5.0 Coyote Ford Mustang. They offer stage 1, 2, and 3 kits for both their 3.0L and 3.8L superchargers. Lethal Performance carries all of these options for the 2011-2014 GT.

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The Ford Mustang has long been the leader in domestic performance and muscle cars. The Mustang GT is the major reason for this. Packing a large V8 Engine tuned for performance race inspired shenanigans, it the pinnacle of American Muscle and leader in styling where all other competitors fall short. The 2015 Mustang GT Stock Dyno Results prove.

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March 24th, 2010 written by Jason Kavanagh Oh boy. Friends, what we have here in the 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 is something that's sure to add a big ol' shovelful of coal under the pressure.

My Mustang 5.0 FBO vs 750 Whp Charger Hellcat YouTube

It's a cost effective and proven way to extract power and torque from the S550 Mustang GT without any downsides. The pack includes two key parts, Steeda's ProFlow cold air intake: First, an easy to install, less restrictive replacement for the factory closed airbox and disposable air filter. Second, it comes with an SCT X4 handheld tuner.

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D1SC Procharger (stock lower pulley and 3.35 upper) It is a pretty simple combo but works really well. Dyno was performed on a loaded superflow dyno. 2001 Cobra - Off-road x-pipe, Flowmasters, MMR shifter, SRA swap, 3.90 gears, H&R springs, 03-04 Cobra front bumper, side skirts, and spoiler, and more to come.