Stark VARG World's Fastest 80HP Motocross Bike is Now Electric

2023 Stark VARG Electric Motocross Bike First Look Excellent Pix

The Stark Varg combines extreme power and torque with a design that should have it competing with and beating gas-powered bikes on just about everything but price. Developed over the past two.

STARK VARG 80HP Electric OffRoad Motorcycle Swapmoto Live

80hp Stark Varg Electric Dirtbike on the Dyno! bwhaskell 7.74K subscribers Subscribe 852 54K views 1 month ago XPR MOTORSPORTS I abused my brand new Stark Varg electric dirtbike on the.

Stark VARG Alpha (80hp) En commande Grégoire Sport

Weight was another topic as our ride sat a few pounds heavier than what the actual production bikes will be. Finally, the power. At the announcement, Stark claimed 80 horsepower for their Varg, but these test units only had 60. I say "only," because the new 450s all range in the mid-to-high 50s.

STARK VARG 80HP Electric OffRoad Motorcycle Swapmoto Live

118kg Weight 938Nm Torque +100 Ride Modes Up to 6h Riding Time 1-2h Charging time Personalize your bike The most advanced electric motorcycle in the world With 30% more power than a traditional 450 combustion bike the Stark VARG outperforms all other bikes on the market. Light and Agile

STARK VARG 80HP Electric OffRoad Motorcycle Swapmoto Live

Lake Havasu City, AZ Jun 27, 2022 #2 Are you worried about keeping up with the traffic, or do you complete with the 450's at the track? My first reaction is that with 80hp you should have no problem either way.


The 110kg (242lbs) 80hp Stark VARG is the first electric motorcycle to be the performance leader within its category. Stark VARG Specifications: Power: 80hp. Weight: 110kg fully charged. Wheel torque: 938 Nm. Range: Up to 6 hours. Charging time: 1 to 2 hours. Battery capacity: 6kWh. Suspension.

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In this section, we'll take a closer look at the technical specifications of this hyped electric dirt bike, including its electric motor, battery, range, top speed, weight, suspension, brakes, wheels, ride modes, charge time, and warranty.

Stark VARG Alpha (80hp) En commande Grégoire Sport

Had the opportunity to ride the all-new Stark Varg very recently in Southern California! Huge thank you to Stark Future and everyone involved for making this.

Stark VARG Electric Dirt Bike Debuts with 80hp and 242 lbs Autopromag USA

The Stark VARG 80HP is the fastest and most powerful motocross bike in the world. The new model will re-orientate the industry with its patent-pending technology and design features, to inspire riders and racers towards sustainability.

Stark Varg electric dirt bike is 'world's fastest', crushes gas bikes

Stark Future claims its new MXer, the Varg (Swedish for "wolf"), is available with peak engine performance of 80 hp.

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10 June 2022 | Bikes Enduro21 tests the most talked about new bike of the year, the Stark Varg, "the first electric off-road motorcycle comparable in performance with a gas-powered dirt bike". We jumped on plane to Spain to get some answers about this hot topic and ask: is it any good for enduro?

Stark finally ready to unwrap the VARG in 2023?

Stark Varg with a claimed 80hp at $11,900.I love my 2 smoker but this thing looks wicked.. it's so useful for controlling your speed without having to hit the brakes.. You might get 80hp for the first half second at the start of an MX race when you go WOT but as soon as the bike is moving the power required will drop off massively. 12.

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The Stark VARG is the first electric motorcycle to be the performance leader within its category. The new model will reorientate the industry with its patent-pending technology and design.

A Closer Look at the 2023 Stark VARG Electric Motocross Bike reviews the Stark Varg due for 2023 release. Reshaping the landscape of motocross technological innovation, the Stark Varg due for release in 2023 challenges and inspires the industry to sustainability with an advanced, high-performing electric-powered platform. It certainly is a game-changer and we Tested it in Spain at the.

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The all new Stark Varg is here! Check out our first look and ride, as well as a realistic top speed run with Billy from Jersey Powersports on the 80hp Stark.

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Stark VARG 80HP From $19,600 or $100 per week* Top Speed: 115km/h Charge Time: 1 Hours Range: 100 km Car Licence Explore ** range varies depending on urban or motorway riding * charging time is based on max accessory chargers Finance* subject to credit check and 50% deposit Get In Touch