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My first 5 tire rotation at 5K miles, completed Rivian Forum R1T R1S R2 News, Specs, Models

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I had an excellent experience at DT in Scottsdale rotating my 21" tires at 5000 miles. I only knew about DT partnering with Rivian after calling Rivian to schedule a mobile visit to rotate and the Rivian advisor told me if I have a DT close by to use them which I did, $40 to check and balance all 4 wheels, tire rotation was free.

First R1S tire rotation DIY experience Rivian Forum R1T R1S R2 News, Specs, Models, RIVN

192 posts · Joined 2020. #7 · Aug 2, 2022. Unless one would do the rotation theirself, or have someone do it for free, the cost of ten rotations in 70,000 miles might be the cost of a tire or two. So I have not rotated tires in many, many years. Just do not see the value it it, unless alignment or balancing is not adequately provided.

First tire rotation went flawlessly. Took some searching but found a local Discount Tire that

PSA print this sign before using spare tire / tire rotation by tire shop Rivian Forum R1T

citiz3nfiv3 • 5 mo. ago. Getting my tires rotated for the second time as I just hit 10k in five months. It's a five tire rotation at Discount Tire which cost me $0. This crew was great. FYI, you can take the spare wheel out with the tonneau closed. The first time I did it was very difficult but doable.

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To summarize, the average time for a tire rotation is around 30 minutes to an hour, but it can vary. Tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to ensure even tread wear. The effects of a tire rotation can last between 6,000 to 8,000 miles, but it's important to monitor your tires for any signs of uneven wear.

First R1S tire rotation DIY experience Rivian Forum R1T R1S R2 News, Specs, Models, RIVN

It appeared equipped with all-terrain tires and full-wheel covers. Rivian even released a video on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, of the R3X going sideways in the desert.

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Rivian R1T DIY Tire Rotation YouTube

Adventure Gear. Company. Who we are. Careers. The Tire Service Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to safely seal a flat tire, change a tire, and lift an R1T or R1S vehicle.

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Got my callback from Rivian service, they officially advise tire rotation at 6k miles. It is not listed in the manual. They also stated they do not have any other recommended service schedule currently. UPDATE: This recommendation is for the factory 22" sport tires; unclear if that is a specific recommendation to my config.

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Given that the F-150 Lightning offers hands-free BlueCruise driving and Rivian has a solid ADAS suite, it's weird to see Tesla show up to play with core functionality offline.

Tire rotation info r/Rivian

Nowhere does it say that you must have rotation and alignment done by Rivian. Rotation can totally be a DIY and if you Google you'll quickly find general guides on rotation pattern. Tire Rack likely has a page on it. Alignment can be done at any shop with a good alignment rack and technician… as long as they have info on alignment specs.

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I'd pay the SC $60 to rotate my tires, but not really interested in driving that far. hywelbane R1T Owner • 25 days ago. If they have mobile service trucks in your area you can also get them to do a tire rotation via mobile service for the same $60. ObeseBMI33 • 26 days ago. Discount tire, they use the pucks.

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Using the EV Base Rivian Jacking Pucks, rotating the tires on the 2023 Rivian R1S Launch EditionApologies for the pale exposure. should have closed the ga.

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Official info on tire rotation. R1T. I've got my truck at the service center right now (in Richmond) and asked them when I should consider rotating my tires. My service advisor said Rivian recommends every 7,000 miles. I have not seen this posted anywhere before so I thought I would share. FYI at 5,500 miles I decided to go ahead and do it.