Tyre tread depth ABC Services Cheltenham

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Tires Tire tread must be 4/32" or greater. Use a penny to determine if the tire tread meets our requirements by placing the coin upside-down in the lowest tread on the tire. If the tread passes Lincoln's face, the tread should be acceptable. Wheels

Tesla Model 3 Tire Wear Solutions and Tire Replacement Cost

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That's more than enough to burn through 26/32 of tire tread in just a few weeks if not corralled properly. The other side to all that get-up-and-go is the Tre's notable retarding power.

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Shawn, a Tesla owner, just posted a message showing that Tesla is notifying him via a warning message on his center console screen, that his rear tire tread depth is low and that he.

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Your Tesla can now tell you if your tires are wearing unevenly and if your tread depth is too low. According to photos shared with us, a new error message appears on your screen warning you of the potential problem. It also advises you to schedule a service appointment for a tire inspection and rotation.

Tyre tread depth ABC Services Cheltenham

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If tires need to be replaced early, for example due to a flat tire, we recommend replacing the tires in pairs unless the other tires are within 2/32 in (1.5 mm) of tread depth of the new tire. When replacing tires, it is important to match the brand and model of the older tires. Always place a pair of new tires on the rear if all four tires are.

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The message on the screen will read "Uneven tire wear - Rear tire tread depth too low. Schedule service for tire inspection and rotation." It's not clear exactly how Tesla is detecting uneven tire wear or low tread depth, but we speculate that Tesla is comparing how fast the wheels are spinning.

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#1 Z zoomer0056 Active Member Nov 29, 2021 3,199 2,483 Camarillo, CA May 6, 2023 #2 I can't answer your question but wow! How can the car read tire tread depth? Google says ucmndd

Check your Tires tread depth

#1 · Dec 12, 2021 Your Tesla can now detect your tire wear and tread depth - here's how Tesla is well known for adding new features through free over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Tire Tread Depth

This could be a temporary condition caused by an external factor, such as: Missing or faded lane markers. Narrow or winding roads. Poor visibility due to rain, snow, fog, or other weather. Extremely hot or cold temperatures. Bright light due to other vehicle headlights, direct sunlight, or other light sources.

Teslas can now detect uneven tire wear

Use a tread depth gauge to accurately measure your tires on the outside, middle, and inside of the tire. To measure, extend the tire tread wear indicator into one of the main tread grooves. If the tread depth gauge reads 2/32" or less on any of the three measurements, Tesla recommends replacing the tires now.

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#1 I just got a service invoice with a tread depth of 4 on the fronts and 6 on the rears. I was kind of surprised it says replacement recommended: "no". What tread depth do you guys get them replaced? I am at only 10k miles so I guess I will be down to 3 in another 1K miles. I guess at 3 hydroplaning risks are much higher.

Tesla Will Notify You When Your Tire Tread Depth Is Low Warning

Under-inflation is the most common cause of tire failures and can cause a tire to overheat, resulting in severe tire cracking, tread separation, or blowout, resulting in unexpected loss of vehicle control and increased risk of injury. Under-inflation also reduces the vehicle's range and tire tread life. Warning


Consider that tires often come with 10/32" of tread new and require replacement by 2/32" of tread. So the overall diameter changes by 8+8/32 (both sides) or 16/32 or half an inch over the life of that tire. If your overall diameter started as 28" (20" wheel and 4" of sidewall all around), that means one rotation is 88".