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Updated Nov 28, 2022 This gorgeous, high-dollar classic car restomod crashing when out on a cruise is a lesson in why ignorance isn't bliss. Via: AutotopiaLA YouTube Channel It's always painful to see a beautiful car getting wrecked. But it's even worse when the car in question is a one-off, custom build of a classic car.

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1 1968 Mercury Cougar Waves Goodbye to the Barn, Flexes V8 Muscle for Days 2 148-Mile 2003 Mercury Marauder Is Up for Grabs, It's Done Very Little Marauding 3 1973 Mercury Comet Comes Out of 23.

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1:51. Berlin — A van packed with migrants crashed at a highway junction in southern Germany on Friday after the driver accelerated to avoid a police check, killing seven people and injuring 16.

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1,300 HP Mercury Comet Crash: The Aftermath. Via: AutotopiaLA YouTube Channel. Though the crash was severe and resulted in serious injuries to the people and extensive damage to all the vehicles involved, the good news is that all the involved parties have now fully recovered. Shawn Davis and Russ Stover are in perfect health, with the former.

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On the surface, this accident is caused by brake failure. In reality, this accident was almost certainly caused by an unsafe driver. The video highlights and discusses factors that led up to the crash. The owner mentions that the brakes are undersized due to the availability of brake kits when the build was first started over two decades ago.

Mercury Comet High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy

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1,300HP Mercury Comet has brake failure causing the car to slam into the back of a minivan causing injuries to the driver and passenger. Everyone has healed.

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Watch: 1,300-hp Mercury Comet crash teaches owner lessons Failed brakes contributed to this preventable collision, but there were several missed red flags, too Matthew Guy Published Jul 11,.

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1,300HP Mercury Comet Crashes due to brake failure.. Right.. it would've been from a 45-50mph crash to maybe a 40-45mph crash. Kill switch is a good idea but would not have done much in this case.. They can't say shit because of an ongoing lawsuit. I imagined this was why they waited to put out the video since this happened over 6.

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It's a 1964 Mercury Comet restoration and modification project, powered by a 632 Merlin big block Chevy V8 engine with a 1471 BDS supercharger, for a total output of 1,300 hp. The kicker,.

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A powerful restored and modified Mercury Comet gets the limelight on YouTube but towards the end of the shooting, its brakes failed for obvious reasons.

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A 1,300 horsepower Mercury Comet was involved in a crash due to brake failure, highlighting the importance of regular maintenance and safety checks for high-performance vehicles. The incident occurred during a drag racing event, where the heavily modified Comet was reaching speeds over 200 miles per hour. The driver reported that the brakes.

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The saddest thing you'll see today. When you finish your project with more than 1300 hp, you go out for a spin and your brakes fail.#mercury #musclecar #kbem.

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Johnny Puckett This is causing a stir. A few months ago, Sean from AutotopiaLA was involved in a major accident that left him and the driver in various states of injury. On his side, four teeth were smashed needing replacement, while his lip had to be stitched up from some massive damage.

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The 1964 Mercury Comet in question was owned by Stover, who had modified the car over the course of 23 years at a cost of over $200,000. The star of the build was the car's 632 Merlin big block.

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