BMW E46 M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Speed Academy

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In the S54 engine with the M10x1.25 conrod bolt (B) the conrod bolts must be replaced. Conrod bolts (B) are made from a material which only reaches its maximum tensile strength after they have been tightened three times. Connecting rod bolts (B) must be tightened at least three times but no more than five times.

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Over here in the mid-Atlantic, I was quoted $2600 for BE bearings and bolts w/ new engine mounts (1200 labor + 1400 parts). just for your ref i was quoted 2799.99 in a reputable shop in NY/NJ area 2 years ago. $4000 is a rip-off. I paid $2400 for bearings, bolts, install, engine mounts, oil pan gasket, alignment.

BMW E46 M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Speed Academy

Rod bearing replacement costs User Name: Remember Me? Password Post Reply. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > Thread Tools: Search this Thread. I'm doing it as I buy my M3 off lease with 30K miles. _____ Current BMWs: 2021 X5M, 2012 e92 M3, 2022 X5 40i, 2016 X5 50i 2015 Porsche 991 Turbo S a couple others IG.

M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Cost [Parts & Labor]

Depending on where you go, replacing your M3's rod bearings could cost anywhere from $1,800 to almost $10,000. However, the average cost is just about $2,500-$3,500. Independent shops will almost always be less expensive than the dealership, which may give you an estimate as high as $9,500.

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It is about 15 hours to remove and replace motor complete, plus an extra couple hours to swap bearings. So roughly equates to $1700 on average lab rate. It can be done in the car easily inside of 8 hours, so $800. If you are being quoted any more than either of these routes I would shop elsewhere.

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Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED " Extremely happy with the work Coulter did on my M3. Rod bearing job was done right, fast, and at a very reasonable price. They even cleaned my oil pan and belly pan before re-installation - little things that only an enthusiast/owner would do!

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Yes. It is a well documented issue. The problem with waiting until it fails is that it could basically destroy the engine completely. A new s65 is about $25k so the preventative maintenance is worth it in this case. I suggest you do a lot more research on as there is a ton of information out there DOHCMerc • 8 yr. ago

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This video goes over the complete breakdown and install of S65 V8 Rod Bearings. My goal was to cover absolutely everything between questions about why this h.

BMW E46 M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Speed Academy

Join Date: Aug 2011. Location: Morgantown, wv. iTrader: ( 2) Op, when bearings go, they typically destroy the engine. The cost of replacing bearings prior to them completely giving out is less than $2500. Once they do go out, the cost to replace the engine very expensive depending on if you go new or used.

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How to Replace Rod Bearing in BMW M3. This procedure is recommended around 70,000 miles.

BMW E46 M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Speed Academy

That's because the S54 M3 engine is plagued by rod bearing wear issues, so much so that there was a recall from BMW to replace the bearings on early ('01 to mid '03 model year) E46 M3s like ours.. We are happy to report that since shooting the rod bearing replacement video, we have driven the car on the street and it's purring like a.

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E90/E92/E93 M3 (2008 - 2014) Group-Buy: Rod Bearing Replacement. Total out-the-door cost is $1950 If you are interested, please fill out the sign-up sheet here ---> Rod Bearing Group-Buy. Rod Bearing replacement This service will be performed by the legendary Malek at MRF Engineering in SoCal.

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162 posts · Joined 2019 #2 · Dec 29, 2019 A lot of members here have taken their rod bearings off between 80-100k and had evidence of copper showing. I'm at 100k I'm doing mine after winter. If you're unsure get a Blackstone lab test done, $30 and they'll tell you the wear in your oil. As far as cost not sure. I'm doing it myself.

BMW E46 M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Speed Academy

Axle Shaft Replacement costs between $858 and $949 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.

M3 Rod Bearing Replacement Cost [Parts & Labor]

The VANOS, or variable valve timing system used by BMW, is a common place for issues to occur in your E46 M3. The VANOS system is quite complex and there are many points for failure. The VANOS solenoid, camshaft sprocket bolts, exhaust camshaft hub, and the VANOS oil pump are all known to fail on the S54 engine.

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Prices vary from $2500 on up, depending on if you get motor mounts replaced at the same time, which is highly recommended since normally they are shot and you are already there from a labor perspective. I have an 09' M that has 133k on the odometer, but haven't done the rod bearings.