Overflod GTA 5 Online Vehicle Stats, Price, How To Get

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15 Things To KNOW Before Buying the NEW iMorgon Sports Car in GTA 5 OnlineMore of Me!•My Discord: https://discord.gg/saintsfan•Twitch (Livestream): http://w.

Overflod GTA 5 Online Vehicle Stats, Price, How To Get

Overflod ImorgonBase Price - $2,165,000Class - SportsDrive-train - AWDPrimarily Based off - Gumpert RG Nathalie

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GTA Online's Overflod Imorgon is on sale, and gamers can get it for 30% off (Image via OverflodImorgon/Twitter). bringing the price down to $1.5 million. The Imorgon is a two-door electric.

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15 Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy The Overflod Imorgon Sports Car In GTA 5 Online! (GTA 5) Cheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: https://www.g2a.com/.

15 Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy The Overflod Sports

December 5, 2023 at 4:57 AM PST. Listen. 3:46. Rockstar Games released the first trailer for the newest version of Grand Theft Auto on Monday, giving fans a glimpse of what's likely to rank as.

Overflod GTA 5 Online Vehicle Stats, Price, How To Get

Main page GTA 5 Vehicles The Overflod Imorgon (imorgon) is a high-performance vehicle that was added to GTA 5 Online in January 2020. This car is known for its sleek and futuristic design, making it a popular choice among players who enjoy driving fast and stylish vehicles in the game.

Overflod GTA 5 Online Vehicle Stats, Price, How To Get

The Overflod Imorgon is an electric Sports Car featured in GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, added to the game as part of the 1.49 Diamond Casino Heist update on January 9, 2020. How to get the Imorgon in GTA Online:


Helpfulness Award [GTAV] Posted December 13, 2019. A few fun facts. The Imorgon is a Hybrid vehicle. Full elecrtic during takeoff, and hydrogen/methanol engine kicks in at higher speeds/gears. Its stock spoiler can be removed by doing the "flip glitch" inside LSC. The name "Imorgon" means "tomorrow" in Swedish.

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Grand Theft Auto Online [DLC] [EV/E&E] Manufacturer Överflöd Related vehicle (s) Khamelion Prices Price $ 2,165,000 ( Legendary Motorsport; no longer available) Miscellaneous Information " You've dreamt about the ultimate super electric sports car.

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Version : 1.49 Description The Overflod Imorgon is a 2 seater vehicle in the "Sport" class available in Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This vehicle was added to the game with the "The Diamond Casino Heist" update in 2019.

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1.5K 44K views 3 years ago Fastest Sports Cars (Imorgon) in GTA 5, showing an updated countdown of the best fully upgraded sportscars ranked on top speed. Expand the description for full.

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15 comments. Best. Dragoniel • 3 yr. ago. It looks good, handles pretty well and has good acceleration, making it fun to drive in the city, where the top speed doesn't matter. It is not a great car for the long highway trips, though. It is one of my favorite vehicles that I drive daily, recently. It won't win any races against the Zentorno or.

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The Imorgon ranks #6 in Sports #7 Issi Sport @ 01:02.029 (+0.032 sec slower) #48 Comet SR @ 01:01.962 (-0.035 sec faster) The Imorgon ranks #49 overall #50 Turismo R @ 01:01.998 (+0.001 sec slower) Top Speed (Broughy) 107.3 mph Driver: broughy1322 Track: NA Fastest Sports Cars (Imorgon) - GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Top Speed Countdown


Online: $ 2,165,000 Source: Legendary Motorsport Sell for: 60% of purchase price In-game Descripton You've dreamt about the ultimate super electric sports car. Now here you are, reading an app, seeing it in the carbon fiber flesh and wondering if it can really be true. It can. The Overflod Imorgon - your electric dreams turned reality.

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Side-by-side comparison of the Buffalo vs the Imorgon from GTA 5. Home; Vehicles; Fastest; Credits; Buffalo vs Imorgon. Compare.. Imorgon: Lap Time: 01:08.503: 01:01.997: Laptime Rank # 84 in Sports # 207 in All Classes # 6 in Sports # 49 in All Classes: Tested Top Speed. 112.25 mph: 107.3 mph:

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Is the overflood Imorgon worth it 6 comments WillProx • 4 yr. ago It has LAUGHABLY terrible top speed - it placed on TOP 62 of the sports class. Cornering is above than average, and acceleration is kinda neat, but still not enough good to cover the awful top speed. Pariah would be a better choose for both stunt & on city tracks.