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Driving Tips For Teens & Parents Motorcycle Safety Tips It seems like every spring, people forget all about proper motorcycle safety tips. After the cold months, with little to no motorcycle traffic on our roadways, we tend to get complacent and forget about motorcyclists. Driving a big rig, I see a lot of accidents on the roadways.

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Swivel your head to check your blind spots regularly and, in particular, before changing lanes. Be a pal This tip goes for all kinds of safe driving: just be nice. Cut other drivers and riders a little slack and remember that we all make mistakes. It'll be good for your blood pressure and your driving record.

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Don't Drive Aggressively. If you're driving a large vehicle, you should be extra careful around motorcycles because you never know when they'll make sudden turns or lane changes. Rear-ending a motorcycle can be fatal to the rider, so don't drive aggressively and keep a safe distance from them. Learn Hand Signals

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1. Gear up Contrary to popular belief, looking cool is not the top priority when getting on your bike. No matter how hot it is outside, shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals are not proper riding attire. Even jeans provide minimal protection against injury and road rash if you happen to slide.

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Motorcycle Safety. As of August 26, 2016, Oklahoma law requires anyone who is 17 or younger to complete a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training course before applying for an original or renewed driver's license with an M (motorcycle) endorsement. In addition to taking this course, another effective way to become a safer, more.

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1 Maintain your machine properly. Make sure that you have enough gas to reach your destination. Avoid switching to reserve in the busiest of city traffic. Ensure that your tires are properly inflated and your brakes, engine chain/belt, suspension, lights and oil/fluids are checked. 2 Wear proper clothing and equipment.

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As much as you can, practice the slight twisting of your right hand to safely accelerate. Once you're comfortable with the throttle grip, practice it with the front and rear brakes. A gentle squeeze is all it takes to apply these brakes. Any more than that and you could throw yourself off your bike.


Ground clearance is reduced when the motorcycle leans. Do not allow components to contact the road surface when leaning the motorcycle in a curve, as this could cause loss of control. Do not tow a trailer. Towing a trailer can make the motorcycle hard to handle. Retract the side stand fully before riding.

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April 4, 2023 | Driving In 2020, 5,579 motorcyclists died in crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And with this group of motorists regularly overrepresented in fatal traffic accidents, it makes following these motorcycle safety tips even more important.

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Wave the tailgater on by. Expressing displeasure or anger to thoughtless drivers via hand signals is a very bad idea on a motorcycle. Just let it go. No matter which lane you're in, it's best to stay in either the left or right portion of the lane - where car tires track.

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Safe Driving Road Safety Topics Motorcycle Roadway Safety Motorcycling is a unique experience; the rider is an active participant in negotiating curves, playing along with the rhythm of the road, shifting, accelerating and braking with precision.

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Download Article 1 Get a helmet. Your motorcycle helmet is the single most important piece of equipment for motorcycling riding. It protects your head from injury in the event that your motorcycle goes down. For it to do its job, the helmet must fit well, while maintaining your field of vision. The best helmet for you is an individual thing. [1]

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Motorcycle Safety Foundation says, "Safe riding depends as much on the mental skills of awareness and judgment as it does on the physical skill of maneuvering the machine." Successfully operating a motorcycle is a much more involved task than driving a car. Motorcycling requires strength, coordination, and balance, as well as

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The MSF Basic RiderCourse is designed for beginning riders, ages 16 and up. The MSF has offered rider training for over fifty years, serving over 10 million motorcyclists nationwide. For the Basic RiderCourse, you'll have about 5 hours of learning, often through an online e Course, before you get on a bike.Then 10 hours of on-motorcycle training, spread over two days.

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Release the clutch fully and ride in a short straight line with your feet hovering over the pavement so you don't accidentally tip over. Pull in the clutch lever and gently grip the brake lever.