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Uses Cd (coefficient of Drag) and Square Foot Area of your vehicle to calc. how much HP would be needed to run a certain speed. This is just the HP necessary to sustain that speed, not what your engine total HP is. I.E. It takes almost 197 HP to be able to run to 150 MPH. So, if your car only makes 180 HP, you won't be able to get to 150 MPH.

How much power is in 1 horse Power YouTube

When it comes to determining the speed of a car based on it's horsepower, it isn't a direct and straightforward conversion. In the case of a car with a straight-2 engine rated at 8 horsepower, the top speed achieved is 45 kilometers per hour (28 mph). However, it's important to note that the relationship between horsepower and speed isn.

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A horse exerting 1 horsepower can raise 330 pounds of coal 100 feet in a minute, or 33 pounds of coal 1,000 feet in one minute, or 1,000 pounds 33 feet in one minute. You can make up whatever combination of feet and pounds you like. As long as the product is 33,000 foot-pounds in one minute, you have a horsepower.

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ET/MPH From Horsepower Calculator. Weight is as the car sits at the line: driver and gas in the car. Horsepower (HP) Weight (lbs) Shifts. Tire height (inch.) Gear. Input HP, Please.

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Answer: = 2.23693629 mi/h Multiply by 2.237 for quick conversions m/s ร— 2.237 = mi/h Solution To convert m/s to mi/h, use the conversion factor 1 m/s = 2.23693629 mi/h Then divide both sides of the equation by m/s, to get the conversion ratio 1 = 2.23693629 mi/h / m/s

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The formula for this approach is: horsepower = RPM (multiplied by) torque (divide by) 5,252. If the RPM of any vehicle motor is 5,600 RPM and torque is 350 foot-pounds, then all you need to put the values in the formula to calculate horsepower of the engine. (5,600 ร— 350) รท 5,252 = 373.19 HP.

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The Speed Equation The relationship between horsepower and miles per hour isn't as straightforward as a simple formula, but we can use physics and some mathematical conversions to approximate it. The primary equation that comes into play is:

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This puts the power-to-weight ratio at about 0.229. In comparison, a Ford Explorer, which sells for about a tenth of the price of the Ferrari, might have about 300 horsepower to move about 4,500 pounds. Its power-to-weight ratio is much lower (about 0.067). The Ferrari will go from zero to 60 miles per hour much faster than the Ford Explorer.

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Horsepower. Horsepower is a unit of measurement of power developed by engineer James Watt in the late 18 th century. Although its original purpose was to compare the output of steam engines with the power of horses (hence its name), it has since been adopted as a unit of measurement for all sorts of engines used to power things such as vehicles, lawn mowers, boats, chainsaws, and airplanes.

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The Horsepower Calculator will calculate the horsepower of any vehicle instantly if you provide the total weight in pounds of the vehicle (and its occupants) and the MPH (miles per hour) that the vehicle is traveling the instant the vehicle crosses the finish line for the quarter mile (called the "trap speed").

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kph to meters per second Complete list of speed units for conversion meter/second [m/s] 1 kilometer/hour [km/h] = 0.2777777778 meter/second [m/s] kilometer/hour to meter/second, meter/second to kilometer/hour 1 mile/hour [mi/h] = 0.44704 meter/second [m/s] mile/hour to meter/second, meter/second to mile/hour

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This calculator allows you to calculate miles per hour. Sports & Hobbies. Armor Penetration Calculator. High Performance Bass Fishing Boat Speed Calculator. Horsepower Calculator. mph Calculator. Miles. Time (in seconds) Calculate.

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How MPH Is Calculated MPH stands for miles per hour, which means just that; how many miles you can travel per hour. It's a unit of speed used to measure the distance covered over a specific period of time (an hour). If a vehicle can travel 100 miles in one hour, its speed is 100 mph. Miles per hour (MPH) is a measure of speed, not power. By

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HP is at the crank The answers below will be for at sea level and standard pressure/temperature. (no weather correction). Input your HP and Weight please Calculate HP From Weight and MPH MPH Weight Input Your MPH and Weight of Your Car Calculate HP from ET and Weight ET Weight Input your ET and Weight please

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Welcome to HorsePower Calculator. Car Model : Vehicle Weight With Driver : (in Pounds) Quarter Mile time : (in seconds)