Este Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 participó en '60 segundos' y ahora busca

2020 Ford Mustang ShelbyGT500 60130 MPH VBOX Scan, Screen Shot

All high 4/low 5.x 60-130 cars*** cars that t. A couple clips from the TRC event over the weekend, and getting ready for some nice mexico matchups tomorrow. All high 4/low 5.x 60-130 cars.

Confirmed! Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Hits 60 MPH In 3.6 Seconds

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Une Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 "Eleanor" utilisée sur le tournage du

Motox801. No chance for a C8 Z06 from any speed where the GT500 can hook easily. A standard 60-130 roll, the GT500 will put cars on it for sure. The C8 Z06 is a great car that could potentially beat a GT500 in a standing 1/4 mile depending on the GT500's launch, and will leave it for dust around a racetrack. The roll race is the GT500's strong.

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor Gone in 60 Seconds Muscle Street

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1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

In this video we do 60-130 times in the 2020 GT500 and run some pretty crazy times. Check it out!! Almost yours: 2 weeks, on us 100+ live channels are waiting for you with zero hidden fees

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8 Sec GT500 Ride Along & 60-130's Iconic GT500 5.2K subscribers Subscribe 116 Share 1.9K views 2 years ago Little bit of maintenenace work on the GT500. Nothing crazy, an 02 started.

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Visitors to Japan's tallest building who seek more thrills should test their nerve at Edge the Harukas, a 60-centimeter wide, 20-meter long deck at the top of this 300-meter building.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for BeamNG Drive

GT500 poster Established Member Premium Member Joined Mar 7, 2011 Messages 8,280 Location Arizona I have a dragy run that I did awhile ago, I need to find it, but i believe my 60 to 130 was like 6.4 or something close to that. Once I get my new MTs on I'll do another run. But I haven't had good traction in a long time. Mar 24, 2021 #5 MarcSpaz

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Super GT (stylized as SUPER GT) is a sports car racing series that began in 1993. Launched as the Zen Nihon GT Senshuken (全日本GT選手権), generally referred to as either the JGTC or the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship, the series was renamed to Super GT in 2005.It is the top level of sports car racing in Japan. [citation needed]The series is sanctioned by the Japan Automobile.

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#1 · Sep 4, 2021 Went out early this morning to my usual "private" spot and did a couple runs to log some Dragy times. The DA was about 600' (surprised it was so low considering the 89% humidity). The car is literally bone stock, full interior, including daughter's booster seat in the back.

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If you take a typical example of an s550 pulling a 7.0 second 60-130, the simplified math is: (130-60) x 5280/3600 / 7.0 / 32.2 x 4200 x (130+60)/2 x 5280/3600 / 550 = 485 whp I omitted drag so including it would push the number higher, but not to the ~650 it would take to hit 7 seconds.

Eleanor vuelve a las calles así es el Shelby Mustang GT500 de "60

60-130 DRAGY TIMES IN COMPLETELY STOCK 2020 GT500!! THIS IS WHY YOU NEED INTAKE AND TIRE!! Supercar Jordan 12.9K subscribers Subscribe 161 4.6K views 1 year ago #gt500 #fordgt500.

La fascinante Shelby GT 500 Eleanor que l'on voit dans le film 60

Zero to 130 mph 11.0 sec. Rolling start, 5-60 mph 3.7 sec. Top gear, 30-50 mph 1.9 sec. Top gear, 50-70 mph. Vehicle enthusiasts require to think about that the Ford Shelby GT500 0 to 60 times and quarter mile specs may vary from the official specs mainly because it gathers data from independent and reliable sources.

2020 Ford Mustang ShelbyGT500 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 060

The 2023 Super GT Series was the last season for the three-time GT500 champion Yuji Tachikawa (pictured in 2015), having participated in the series since 1996.. The 2023 Super GT Series was a motor racing championship based in Japan for grand touring cars, sanctioned by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) and ran by the GT Association (GTA).It was the thirty-first season of the JAF Super GT.

Este Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 participó en '60 segundos' y ahora busca

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C8 Z06 (No Wing) vs. Shelby GT500 60-130 Roll, who wins? 2020+ Tags 60-130 corvette gt500 roll z06. Jump to Latest Follow. I have seen a stock Porsche 992 Turbo S post a 6.7s 60-130 mph time in optimal conditions. The best I could do was 7.0s in pretty favorable conditions. The Turbo S starts at $218K, but still go above MSRP.