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Herbert F. "Bert" Boeckmann II, owner of Galpin Motors, passed away at the age of 92, the dealership group announced. Galpin Motors provided the following obituary for Boeckmann: The patriarch of the Boeckmann family and pioneer of the one of most respected car dealership groups in North America has passed away.

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Boeckmann was majority stockholder by the time he was named president in 1964 and became the sole owner of Galpin Ford in 1968. Under Bert's leadership, Galpin Ford became the #1 Volume.

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Bert Boeckmann started as a salesman at Galpin Ford back in the '50s and really put the dealership on the map in the '60s, eventually acquiring ownership.. Bert Boeckmann, beloved Galpin Ford owner, dies at 92. KABC - Los Angeles. May 4, 2023 at 1:36 AM. Link Copied. Read full article.

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In 1960, Bert worked a deal with company owner Frank Galpin to get equity in the business instead of cash commissions. Boeckmann became Galpin Ford's majority shareholder four years later. Flash-forward to September 2013: Galpin held an open house and car show to commemorate Bert's 60 th year at Galpin - and 60 years of Galpinizing.

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History The Galpin Ford collection The H.A.M.B.

Galpin Ford was also the top-selling Ford dealer in the world by volume for 29 years in a row before losing that title a few years ago, but remains among the best of that particular bunch. Sadly, however, a big part of that success is no longer with us, as Bert Boeckmann has passed away at the age of 92, according to Los Angeles Daily News.

History The Galpin Ford collection The H.A.M.B.

As someone who was born and raised in the automotive industry, Beau Boeckmann was surely destined to become one of its driving forces. This past July, Beau was named president and chief operating officer for Galpin Motors Inc., after previously heading Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), the company's division that specializes in customizing cars.

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For his leadership and philanthropic endeavors, Galpin Motors owner/chairman H. F. (Bert) Boeckmann II has been honored as a Hero for the Planet by Ford Motor Company. His son Beau is president/COO of Galpin Motors and President of Galpin Auto Sports.

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Timeline - 1960s. I was just home from the Air Force in December, 1953, starting a new life, buying my first brand new car. It was a black '54 Ford sedan. I was one of Bert's first customers. He was just a young new salesman, and the nicest I ever met. I felt I could trust him.

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VAN NUYS, Calif. - Galpin Ford has been the World's #1 selling Ford dealer for decades.It's a family owned and operated dynastic institution descending from founder Frank Galpin, to sales manager then later owner Herbert F. "Bert" Boeckmann II, and now with a third- and fourth-generation Boeckmann family members running the store.

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The business, started in 1946 by Frank Galpin, has been the nation's top-selling Ford dealer for 24 consecutive years. Galpin's stable now includes Volkswagen, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Lincoln, Volvo, Aston Martin, Lotus and Jaguar. The Mazda store is in Van Nuys, Honda is in Mission Hills and Volkswagen is in Santa Clarita.

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Chief Executive, Galpin Motors Inc. H.F. "Bert" Boeckmann II began his career as a Galpin salesman in 1953 while attending USC. He took over as owner of the dealership in 1968. Under Boeckmann.

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Galpin Auto Sports (or GAS) is an American custom car and automobile repair shop located in the Van Nuys region of Los Angeles, California, which specializes in customizing and remodeling vehicles specifically for their drivers. They also provide specialty parts and accessories.

History The Galpin Ford collection The H.A.M.B.

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19 52 INTRODUCING GALPINIZED CUSTOMS The first Galpinized vehicle, the Galpin Custom, a '52 Ford convertible modified with Mercury and Lincoln parts, debuts at the Motoroma and subsequently graces the cover of Motor Trend. BERT BECOMES GENERAL MANAGER

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3 Son of a Dealer Thinks His Dad's the Greatest California dealer Bert Boeckmann is an industry icon and a San Fernando Valley fixture. He's the dealer principal of Galpin Motors in North Hills, and the Galpin Premier Collection in Van Nuys, CA. He's been in the business for 61 years.