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A New Speed King Johnny Bohmer’s StreetLegal 2006 Ford “BADD GT” Hits

By David O'Callaghan Published Dec 21, 2022 Known as the "BADD GT", Richard and the crew see what the world's fastest street-legal car can do as it reaches speeds north of 300 mph. Via: YouTube via Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage

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Watch Street-Legal 2006 Ford GT Reach 310 MPH In Standing-Mile Sprint Johnny Bohmer drove the Gas Monkey Garage GT for this run down the Space Shuttle runway in Florida. Dec 14, 2022 at.

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It's the fastest old car in the world. Actually, it's the fastest… period A custom 2006 Ford GT supercar has claimed a new speed record for street-legal cars at 310.8 mph. The mid-engine.

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Watch street-legal 2006 Ford GT reach 310 mph in standing-mile sprint Johnny Bohmer drove the Gas Monkey Garage GT for this run down the Space Shuttle runway in Florida. 15 December 2022 at.

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Florida man drives 310.8 mph on Space Shuttle runway Johnny Bohmer claims speed record. Johnny Bohmer can't drive 55 mph. He's not even happy driving 305 mph. The racing and high-speed test.

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Written by Evan Williams December 19, 2022 (Photo/Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds) Support us! GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn More On one of the.

Richard Rawlings Checks Out A Ford GT That Goes 310 MPH

12K Share 660K views 4 years ago History has been made this past weekend at the Texas Mile as the M2K Motorsports Ford GT achieved 300.4 MPH in a standing mile. That is 0-300.4 MPH in ONE mile.

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This one's just eclipsed 310 mph in the standing mile, making it the fastest street-legal car in the category, ever. The car, nicknamed the BADD GT, is owned and driven by Johnny Bohmer of the.

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All-New 2.3L EcoBoost ® Engine: Mood-Boosting Torque. The latest turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost ® engine delivers 315 horsepower 68, * and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. 68, * It features new Modular Power Cylinder (MPC) engine architecture to help improve performance. *Horsepower and torque are independent attributes and may not be achieved simultaneously.

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Thanks to the assistance of over a dozen sponsors, one of which includes Richard Rawlings and his famous Gas Monkey Garage, a 2006 Ford GT has cemented itself in the record books posting a 310 mph high speed pass in Florida earlier this month. The Ford GT is most commonly known as the "BADD GT" and is owned and piloted by Johnny Bohmer.

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Regardless, this is a 2,700-hp Ford GT reaching 310 with no drama. In the video, you can see Bohmer rowing through the gears — yeah, this is still a good, old-fashioned manual — and slamming.

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Video You Won't Believe How Easily This Ford GT Hits 310 MPH Or 500 km/h Johnny Bohmer frequently drives his insane Ford GT on the streets of south Florida by Brad Anderson December 17,.

Watch StreetLegal 2006 Ford GT Reach 310 MPH In StandingMile Sprint

With Bohmer behind the wheel, the highly-modified Ford hit 310.8 mph on E-85 fuel. Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds The most impressive.

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A 2006 Ford GT modified to produce over 2,700 horsepower has claimed a record for world's fastest street-legal car at 310.8 mph on the Space Shuttle landing strip. www.foxnews.com. Dude ended up overshooting the landing strip while braking.

2005 Ford GT F221 Indy 2015

2.6K 722K views 13 years ago Ford GT built by Performance Power, www.performancepoweronline.com - 250mph+ top end! Holder of the World standing mile record of 252.97mph, March 14, 2010. First.