January 28, 1896 The first speeding ticket This Day In Automotive

In 1896 Walter Arnold got the first speeding ticket for going 8mph in a

Walter Arnold and the World's First Ever Speeding Ticket On 28th January 1896 Mr Walter Arnold of East Peckham became the first person to be caught speeding in a motorised vehicle. Mr Arnold was spotted doing a heady 8mph, four times the 2mph speed limit, and was pursued for 5 miles by a policeman on a bicycle… Miriam Bibby 8 min read

Walter Arnold, January 1896 Britain's First Speeding Ticket?

The first speeding ticket issued to a motorist took place on January 28th, 1896, in Paddock Wood, Kent, in England. A constable spotted a fast driver named Walter Arnold speeding down the street. Since the constable didn't have one of the early motorized vehicles, he had to give chase on his bike.

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11 The first speeding ticket was issued in UK. In 1896 a person was caught driving 13 kilometers per hour in a zone where the maximum limit was 3km/h. Without a portable radar speed gun (also radar gun and speed gun) how was it possible to know the exact speed of the moving car in the 19th century? 19th-century transportation Share

Fun Fact The first speeding ticket issued in 1896 was for doing 8mph

The first known speeding ticket issued to an automobile driver in the world went to Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent on January 28, 1896. Police caught Arnold going 8 mph in a 2 mph zone, earning himself a fine of 1 shilling!

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The world's first speeding ticket was given to Walter Arnold in Paddock Wood, Kent, on January 28, 1896. Arnold tore through the town at four times the speed limit and a five-mile chase ensued before finally he was brought to a halt by a bobby on a bicycle who pinched him for going 8 mph—and without the requisite flag-waving escort.

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Walter Arnold became the first British person to be fined for speeding on this day in 1896. This report from the London Daily News reveals that he'd been travelling at a reckless 8 mph! View the whole newspaper page London Daily News - Thursday 30 January 1896 Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

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28 January 1896: The world's first speeding ticket is issued On this day in 1896, motorist Walter Arnold was caught tearing through Paddock Wood in Kent at a hair-raising 8mph, and so.

The World’s First Speeding Ticket

In 1896, this Arnold Benz Motor Carriage was the first car to ever receive a speeding ticket. Careering down Paddock Green in Kent at a whopping 8 mph, the four-wheeler's owner, Walter.

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Imagine it's January 1896 and you are among the very few to have an ICE-powered vehicle. The law at the time required all cars to stick to a limit of two miles per hour (three kilometers per.

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In January of 1896 an operator of a motor vehicle probably got the shock of his life when he was issued the very first recorded speeding ticket in history. F.

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The first speeding fine? 16th of May, 1895. This is supposed to be the 1st speeding fine ever in traffic ticket history. The fine was written by the police in Germany, in the town of Denzlingen. Of course a country with a great and long motorsport history. But it was not Michael Schumacher or Sebastien Vettel who got the fine.


January 28, 1896 - The first speeding ticket January 28, 2023 No Comments In early 1896 the speed limit in London was a blazing 2 mph (3 km). With automobiles being so new, every motorist taking to the streets also had to have a flag waver walk in front of them to alert people a car was coming through. God forbid you scare the horses!

January 28, 1896 The first speeding ticket This Day In Automotive

On 28 January 1896, Walter Arnold (UK), drove his "horse-less carriage" through the village of Paddock Wood, Kent, at more than four times the speed limit - a reckless 8 mph (13 km/h)!

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This week in 1896 driver Walter Arnold received Britain's first speeding ticket. He had been caught in a Motor Carriage like this going four times the speed limit - at 8mph. He was chased.

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Title:- 8 MPH: The First Speeding Ticket |Did you know that on January 28, 1896, in the old streets of Kent, England, a man named Walter Arnold made history?.

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The first known speeding ticket issued to an automobile driver in the world actually came on January 28, 1896 and was issued to Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent. Arnold was caught going 8 miles per hour in a 2 mile per hour zone and earned a fine of 1 shilling!