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The Bogdan problem is a heist which was added in the doomsday heist update which has a final payout of 1,187,500 dollars between all heist members when set on hard, and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete if done correctly.

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Just a question about the Bogdan Problem Glitch. QUESTION If I somehow screw up the Bogdan Problem (not closing app, closing it too early, etc.) Is there a way I could be able to restart the Bogdan Problem again, Or am I permanently barred from doing the Glitch ever again? Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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GTA ONLINE - BOGDAN PROBLEM GLITCH ON PC IN 2023! (1 MILLION EVERY 15 MINS!) Odeboo 5.63K subscribers Subscribe 2.6K views 3 years ago In this video I'll show you how to do the Bogdan Problem.

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1 ojjuicem8 • 1 yr. ago Man you'd be regretting it if you didn't, bogdan was my main source of income😂 I used to make an easy 5-10 mil each day I played, and if you just saved it you made BANK, don't know if they patched it just hopped back on yesterday since then and I've heard they have 1 slaeha • 1 yr. ago

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why you ask? its because its the closest to the heist start point so.. having the facility there will make the heist quicker and if ur quick enough you can get the bonus 150k by completing the heist before 15mins

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Bogdan glitch gta online. Does it not work anymore I recently tried with a friend they get 85 I close the app but when we see how much they got paid after the cut scene they only got 15 did they patch the glitch 😭😭😭😭😭idk what's happening and I'm still able to replay over and over as should be but what is it that i set it to.


Annihilator Jul 18, 2020 @ 4:24pm Originally posted by Scadelapers: i doubt they would ban the people. but like they need to fix it Is happen on certain glitch on casino like fishes removed all money or banned who over abused it (i mean who played like 100 times in a row). Edit: For this reason i talking about bogdan too.

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Does the Bogdan Glitch still work? Haven't played in a while and don't know if they patched it 6 Sort by: Open comment sort options Add a Comment OnyxMMM • 2 yr. ago Yes, the replay glitch has been working and will be working for a long time. 4 Shakespeare-Bot • 2 yr. ago

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Posted February 22, 2019 (edited) Cant get banned if a friend or 2 are nice and gives you a full cut, just dont over do it. And strangely enough it does happen. In the last 2 weeks Ive had randoms just give me the full bogdan cut for no reason on 2 separate occasions. Edited February 22, 2019 by StangOne50 Hécate-II, Ethereal_NYC_ and Gat_2011 3

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1 5 comments Best Add a Comment Long-I_asting-Flav0r • 4 mo. ago Yes still works, but cayo perico better since you can do it solo, and still do replay glitch by disconnecting internet Formal-Daikon-9810 • 1 mo. ago I was seeing that you have do all the challenges for it or something? Is this true?


The Doomsday Heist Act 2, better known as 'The Bogdan Problem', is the second heist in the Doomsday scenario. This act contains four setup missions, each having its own prep missions. The setup cost for Act 2 is a fairly hefty $95,000 - it does have a good payout to counter that though. Payout (normal): $1,425,000. Payout (hard): $1,781,250.

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The heist still works and you will still get the green screen however There are times where it may glitch and prolong the cut seen but as long as you close it before the green goes away then you're good 2 Razor_Vermillion • 10 mo. ago It's been patched, I've lost my bogdan and it's been patched on Xbox One. 1 chaz68 • 2 yr. ago Yip. 1 chaz68

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A Brief Introduction about this glitch: This is the act 2 Finale replay glitch which enables you to replay it without having to do the setups. This should be familiar to you if you have done or known The Pacific Standard replay Glitch Due to the fact that this glitch is similar to that glitch.

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Does the Bogdan Problem glitch still work? QUESTION. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 1 Sort by: Open comment sort options Liquorace • 6 yr. ago Why wouldn't it? Pacific Standard still does. 4 MrPegi • 6 yr. ago Heard of this for the first time and googled it up , does it work on pc ? Couldn't find anything

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*AFTER PATCH* BEST Method To Do The Bogdan Problem in JUNE 2023! ( +SKIP PREPS GLITCH ) NEW UPDATED!MY PC Specs :-Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 5600G,GPU : Intergr.