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Yes. Dating back to the mid-1980s, Mobil is one of the best-known names when it comes to quality gasoline. In 1999, they merged with Exxon to form Exxon Mobile, making it one of the largest oil companies in the entire world. Their secret is Mobile Synergy, a unique blend of 9 different additives.

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Oil tankers carry this gas to different companies, so the gasoline part of gas is the same. However, each company is required by law to put additives in the fuel.. Chevron, and other stations. Another option is to buy generic gas and then add fuel injector cleaner yourself. You'll get the benefits of added detergents while saving money over.

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There is no rule against mixing fuel from different gas stations. It can be pretty impossible to use a standard gas station since, at times, one may have a nearly empty tank thus have no choice but to get to the nearest gas station. Mixing fuels is advantageous because fuels have different additives, which will result in minimal deposits in a.

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Yes, there is a difference between different brands of gas. Watch on. All regular grade and premium grade gasoline in any given region use the same base fuel, AAA says. What's different is the unique mix of additives that each brand blends into their fuel before it gets to the fuel pump and into your car. Fuel brands mix in additives when.

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Do different gas stations have different fuel?. there's no difference in gasoline itself but brands mix in different additives, which some studies have shown may impact the quality or wear.

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My dear husband and I have entered into a heated debate about the quality of gas. My less-than-informed husband insists that gas from quick-stop-type gas stations is a lesser quality than that of the big oil companies. My supposition is that there are only a few oil-refinery companies in our country and that "all gas is created equal."

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As a practical matter, the smaller, independent gasoline brands and gas stations are often cheaper than the major brands, and for people on a tight budget, saving pennies per gallon matters.

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It's a familiar scenario. You pull into a gas station and fill up, only to drive a block down the road and see another station has gas for 20 cents less than you just paid. After a bit of quick math, you realize how two dimes per gallon really adds up. For a vehicle with a 15-gallon (56-liter) tank, 20 cents per gallon could mean up to $3 per.

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Prices at gasoline stations are often highest in locations with fewer gasoline stations. Even stations located close together may have different traffic patterns, rent, and sources of supply that influence pricing.. Other environmental programs have restrictions on fuel transportation and storage. These programs tend to add to the cost of.

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Why gas prices are skyrocketing in California, but not other states. The main reason for the disparity, experts say, comes down to margins and competition. Gasoline retailers have to buy their gas.

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Yes, there's a definitely a difference between the two—and your best bet is probably the branded gas. " [Branded] gasoline is absolutely the best. It's filtered way better than the.

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It is composed of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. E85 pumps are clearly labeled at gas stations and typically have yellow nozzles. Flex-fuel vehicles usually have a yellow fuel cap. Using gasoline.

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MINNEAPOLIS — If you're traveling for spring break, expect to pay more at the pump. The average gas price nationwide is up about 15 cents from a month ago. This time of year, many gas stations.

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Variation in the results is attributed to the detergents used by different brands. Further, analyzing gas prices over a 12-month period found just a 3-cent price difference between non-Top Tier.

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Despite the fact that two-thirds of U.S. drivers believe there is a difference in quality of gasoline sold by different gas stations, a AAA survey reveals that Americans value convenience and price over quality when it comes to selecting a gas station.. To ensure a gas station sells a high quality gasoline, consumers should research the fuel.

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Regular gas has the lowest octane level, typically at 87. Mid-grade gas typically has an octane level of 89. Premium gas has the highest octane levels and can range from 91 to 94. Different gas stations will use different names for their fuel grades. Some will use "ultra," "ultimate," or other terms. When in doubt, just look at the.