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Based on the all-new 11th-generation Civic Sedan, the turbocharged 2022 Civic Si sets a new benchmark for sport compact sedans, with improved dynamic performance and an updated manual transmission now featuring the rev-matching system from the Civic Type R. "Civic Si is a performance icon that has offered affordable high-performance for four.

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The 2022 Civic Si's starting price just crests the $28,000 mark, making it about $2000 more than its predecessor. Since it's only offered as one fully loaded model, there aren't many options to.

Honda Civic Si Wikipedia

The new 2022 Honda Civic Si is flawed only to those who don't understand the Civic Si. For everyone else, there is the less-expensive Jetta GLI or the more powerful, AWD, and even cheaper Subaru WRX. Alternatively, you can spend $42,550 on a 2023 Acura Integra Elite A-Spec 6MT…. The new 2022 Honda Civic Si is a rare treat in the segment.

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Its 0.93-g skidpad result was midpack, its 157-foot stop from 70 mph was the shortest of the group, and its 6.7-second 60-mph time was only 0.1 second behind the Civic's. But on the open road, the.

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The Civic Si has grown up, but it's still a blast to drive. While the competition has gotten quicker, and the Si hasn't, but it's still a very good all-around performer and has one of the better.

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The Honda Civic Si, the Hyundai Elantra N, and the Volkswagen Jetta GLI all are spicy versions of otherwise perfectly sensible transportation. Replete with flavor and fun that might be too much.

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2022 Civic Si - Compact Sports Car | Honda STARTING MSRP * 27 / 37 CITY / HWY MPG RATING * Shown in Blazing Orange Pearl * at $27,500 MSRP. * 27 city/37 highway mpg rating. * 2022 CIVIC Si Gallery Delivering thrills on sight. VIEW EXTERIOR Settle in for takeoff. VIEW INTERIOR Colors 360° SPIN SWIPE Blazing Orange Pearl

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The 2022 Honda Civic Si is one of the few affordable sport compacts still around and kicking from the segment's heyday in the 1980s and 1990s. As a younger car enthusiast, I didn't understand.

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2022 Honda Civic Si: What's It Like To Live With? We spent a year with the latest Si and failed to fall in love Final takeaways The new Si's handling is undeniably excellent. Road noise,.

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A cut above the everyday Civic, the Honda Civic Si is an affordable enthusiast's choice that's permanently set in sport mode. The Si comes standard with a lot of equipment but just one.

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Civic Si also is a superstar on the racetrack, claiming victories in many forms of competition, including road courses, rally, land-speed and drag racing. Its motor racing heritage includes countless class victories and championships in the Continental Tire sports car competition, Pirelli World Challenge, and SCCA national championships, dating.

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Redesigned 2022 Honda Civic Si Starts Under $30,000, Undercuts Competition; 2022 Honda Civic: 5 Takeaways From Our Second Take; Is the 2022 Honda Civic a Good Car? 6 Pros and 2 Cons; 2022 Honda.

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Honda added 1.4 inches to the 11th-gen Civic's wheelbase, contributing to the car being 1.3 inch longer overall. Despite that, the '22 Si weighs in eight pounds lighter than a previous-gen 2020.

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Here are six things we like, and three things we don't, about the 2022 Honda Civic Si: Things We Like 1. Confident Steering 2022 Honda Civic Si | photo by Christian Lantry.

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| Edited by Jill Leonard and Cody Trotter | Sept. 27, 2023, at 4:05 p.m. Credit Civic Pride Let's face facts - the compact Honda Civic is tough to beat. The front-wheel-drive Civic remains.