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Open the Alexa app . Open More and select Settings. Select Device Settings. Select your device. For Echo Auto, select More Settings. Under Language, select your preferred language. Select the language you want to set your device to. Note: Not all languages may be fully supported on your Echo device. Some capabilities, skills, music, and content.

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Updated on March 18, 2021 What to Know Tap Devices, choose a device name to open Device Settings, and tap Language. Choose a language and tap OK. Repeat for each device. Here's how to change the language your Alexa device uses.

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You can change the language spoken in the Alexa app and on Alexa accessories that connect through the Alexa app. Open More and select Settings . Select Alexa App Settings. Under Language, select the current language. Choose your preferred language. Tip: Your Alexa experience is best when you select the language supported for your marketplace.

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Method 1 Using the Devices Menu Download Article 1 Open the Alexa app. It's has a light blue icon with a white circle on it. Tap the icon on your smartphone or tablet to open the Alexa app. 2 Tap Devices. It's the fourth tab at the bottom of the screen. It has an icon that is shaped like a house with two slider bars on it. [1] 3

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You can say: "Alexa, speak English and Spanish." Alexa will respond to confirm the choices and then tell you that the multilingual mode is active. If you want to change the second language you only have to ask. For example, you can say: "Alexa, speak English and Italian."

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When you're ready to use Live Translate, say: "Alexa, please translate English to [second language].". Other variations of the phrase should work; just make sure you tell Alexa which.

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Want to start speaking Chinese? And sharpen your listening so you understand every Chinese word and phrase? If you own an Amazon Echo, download the Daily Dos.

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Alexa, the digital personal assistant within the cylindrical black gadget, plays music, helps with recipes, and orders stuff online. One thing it cannot do, however, is speak Chinese. The.

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The best smart lamps of 2023 Want to change Amazon Alexa's voice? Here's how. How to change Alexa's accent or language John Velasco / Digital Trends 1. Open the Alexa app Grab the device you.

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1. Say "Alexa, change your voice." 2. Specify the device you want to change the voice for, if necessary. 3. Choose the new voice. Note: You can only change Alexa's voice — not the language.

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Updated May 28, 2023 If you want to make use of your Echo's multilingual mode and get Alexa speaking Spanish, you can. Readers like you help support Pocket-lint. When you make a purchase.

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How to Use Alexa's Live Translation Mode . To use Live Translation with Alexa, download the Amazon Alexa app from Apple's App Store for iPhone or from the Google Play Store for Android.. Next, tell any Alexa-enabled device the wake phrase: "Translate [language].". After Alexa provides a reminder that the conversation will be "recorded to the cloud to improve service" in both languages, you.

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Comment. Amazon is launching multilingual mode for its Alexa-supporting devices, the company announced today at its Devices event in Seattle. The new multilingual mode will initially be available.

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Want to start speaking Chinese? And sharpen your listening so you understand every Chinese word and phrase? The Newest Way to Learn Chinese. You can do just that with the Daily Dose with Alexa on Amazon Echo. If you own an Amazon Echo, download the skill and start learning Chinese with free daily lessons. Can Alexa Teach Languages?

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One thing to keep in mind, if you're really looking to switch languages: Alexa now speaks in multilingual mode in three countries: English and Spanish in the US, Indian English and Hindi in.

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To change Alexa's language or accent, follow these simple steps: Open the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device. Select the Menu in the upper right-hand corner. Select Settings. Choose the Echo device to change Alexa's accent. Please note: you can only change Alexa's accent on one device at a time.