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Birds Eye Pea Car Asylum Models & Effects Ltd.

The Birds Eye collapsible pea car This pea-shaped car with with a go-cart chassis was custom made for a 2005 Birds Eye Peas TV commercial. Birdseye - Pea Car The actual Birds Eye commercial is shown above. The car was built by Asylum a London-based company.

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pea car for sale lestersturm

Birds Eye : Pea Car. Published On. Oct 07, 2005. Most Popular 'Emily in Paris' characters pitch Samsung's Galaxy Z foldable phones in new spot. Credits. Date Oct 07, 2005 Production Company :

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It was a promotional vehicle designed to feature in a TV commercial for American frozen food brand Birds Eye. Instead, it emerged as a brilliant idea from the imaginative minds of Matt Waller.

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For those who don't know, Birds Eye is a well-known American brand of frozen foods. Modded into a larger-than-life sweet pea, the car was built on a modified chassis taken from an off-road.

Birds Eye Pea Car Asylum Models & Effects Ltd.

Watch on Agency BBH Production Company Blink Director Blue Source Asylum built a small green car that fell apart as it drives along (it was part of the brief, honest!). At the end of the advert, all that is left is the chassis pulling up as a new car is delivered.

Birds Eye Pea Car Asylum Models & Effects Ltd.

23/10/2022 Using a classic Volkswagen model, this vehicle has been created specifically for a marketing campaign. Shaped like a green pea, the American food company Birds Eye promoted its items with this fun and original Pea Car. Pea car | Birds Eye Commercial Watch on The production of the Pea Car

pea car for sale lestersturm

The car was featured in a Birds Eye Peas commercial, aiming to remind people of the importance of incorporating vegetables into their diet. Throughout the ad, the Pea Car shed its body parts one by one, symbolizing the loss of nutrients in fresh produce over time. The Journey from Creation to Display

Birds Eye Pea Car Asylum Models & Effects Ltd. Microcar, Car, Mini cars

Asylum built a small green car that fell apart as it drives along (it was part of the brief, honest!).

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Birdseye Pea Car. This is the birdseye pea car, thought you would like to see this as it goes so well with my Outspan car! It was used for an advert for British television, to advertise - yes Peas! It took 6 weeks to build, weighs approx 750kg, has no gears, max speed 50mph, headlamps from a VW beetle, the rest of the Pea is bespoke! However.

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Car Our revheads bring you all you need to know on the coolest electric vehicles. Let These Bird-Named Cars Fill Your Brain With Automotive History. Look at This $20,572 Pea-Shaped VW.

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The Pea Car aired in a December 2005 commercial for Birds Eye Peas, noticeable as a Volkswagen specifically because of the trademark lights.

2005 Bird’s Eye Pea The Pea car first appeared in a Birds … Flickr

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Designed and built by Asylum SFX,


December 23, 2013 E.D.W. Lynch Birdseye - Pea Car Share Watch on This whimsical commercial for frozen food brand Birds Eye features an adorable green pea car that falls apart as it drives through the countryside (an illustrations, so says Birds Eye, of the way fresh vegetables lose their nutrients over time).