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By Cameron Aubernon - March 3, 2021 Though black, white and red are Audi's official colors, there's a whole palette to explore. Here are our 10 favorites of all time. When most people see an Audi these days, they usually see one in black, gray or silver. Maybe even white or red. Audi's own official colors are black, white and "a progressive red."

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Color Spaces; Random Colors. Audi Papaya Orange/Papayaorange / LY2B, X3, X3X3 / #f98e1d Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #f98e1d is a shade of brown. In the RGB color model #f98e1d is comprised of 97.65% red, 55.69% green and 11.37% blue. In the HSL color space #f98e1d has a hue of 31° (degrees), 95% saturation and 55% lightness.

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9 Nardo Grey via PCARMARKET With a sleek and modern appearance, Audi's Nardo Grey color is exclusivity personified. Any Audi sporting this paint has an electrifying pull that draws onlookers in. The color itself is a matte gray shade that has a cool undertone, having more of a polished appearance.

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Original #f27719 25% darker #b7611f Web safe: red #ff0000 / #f00 25% desaturated #dc7a2f HTML: darkorange #ff8c00 Related Named Colors Closely Related Vivid tangelo #f07427 Philippine orange #ff7300 Pumpkin #ff7518 Princeton orange #f58025 Safety orange #ff7800 Intermediately Related American green

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Get the exact match for your Audi Orange Paint Codes with our comprehensive list of codes. Visit our website for the most accurate information. for AUDI. A2 COLOR STORM. A3. A3 CABRIO. A3 CABRIOLET. A3 LIMOUSINE. A3 SPORTBACK. A4. A4 ALLROAD. A4 AVANT. A4 CABRIO. A4 LIMOUSINE. A5. A5 CABRIO. A5 COUPE. A5 SPORTBACK. A6. A6 ALLROAD. A6 AVANT.

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Pulse Orange Audi Q3 Sports A Colorful Alcantara Interior If you'd rather have something more special than the default white/black/silver on your Q3, that's a nice hue by Sergiu Tudose March.

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Solar orange is a beautiful color to have and I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at it. Go for the solar orange and put a little bit of sunshine in your garage! Present Rides: 2009 Solar Orange TTS - S-tronic - Prestige - 19"s - Bose - Nav. - Black on Black leather. S.

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Moonlight Blue Metallic Mythos Black Metallic Nardo Gray LY7C Navarra Blue LX5H Night Black Ocra Black Metallic Pulse Orange Quantum Gray Savannah Beige Pearl Sebring Black Crystal Seville Red Metallic

orange, Audi, R8, Strasse, Wheels, Cars

• ORANGE / YELLOW: Coral orange met. Y2Z, Solar Orange uni Y2G, Vegas yellow uni Z1A: For more information please contact Audi exclusive Sections listed below are available in all Audi exclusive leather and stitching colors: • Leather seating surfaces • Door trim inserts in Dinamica® microfiber (n/a in Ocean blue) • Center armrest

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The color plate location is around the spare tire area. Audi color codes can be shown differently on your vehicle. For example, the code 'LY9B/A2' can be shown as 'LY9B' or 'A2' on your car. Please note that some of the Pre-1980 Audi colors shown are estimates. If your color code matches, this is your paint even if the color shown is off!

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Color Spaces; Random Colors. Audi Rocket Orange Metallic / LD2Z / #ac3d1f Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #ac3d1f is a medium dark shade of red-orange. In the RGB color model #ac3d1f is comprised of 67.45% red, 23.92% green and 12.16% blue. In the HSL color space #ac3d1f has a hue of 13° (degrees), 69% saturation and 40% lightness.

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Pulse Orange. As for the sunset, there's nothing more like it than in Pulse Orange. Wherever this shade goes, it'll heat up the scene. In winter, it may even melt the snow. This is one orange guaranteed to revive the spirit. Photos: Audi, Wikimedia Commons, Audi Club North America. Click HERE to join the AudiWorld forums!

orange, Audi, R8, Strasse, Wheels, Cars Wallpapers HD / Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Seems it's a new Audi color. Imagine an R8 w the same color Attachments. 25EA5EAD-7EF2-47AA-8569-03E9C162C4BA.jpeg. 2 MB Views: 119.. Have mine in Audi Solar Orange (Glut Orange). This color is really interesting as it looks almost completely different in broad sunny daylight and during cloudy day. I love it in every way and i think it is.

The allnew Audi Q3, in Pulse Orange and black optics. Audi has now started to offer black

Audi: Solar Orange - Paint Code LY2G All colors will come as "Standard" Shade unless stated. Other shades available on request. All automotive paint colors require mixing 1-1 with Reducer. This color will dry to a flat finish and will require a 2K Clear coat.

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Fe-carbonatite were heavily weathered to an orange or red coloured carbonatite—possibly ca used by . the presence of free hematite—prior to deposition of the limestone [29,30].

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1.7 KB Audi Brand Colours The brand colours are equal in status and always appear in full tone. They may not be darkened, lightened or displayed transparently. White RGB: 255/255/255 HEX: #ffffff CMYK: 0/0/0/0 - RAL: 9010 NCS: S 0500-N Avery 900: 900 3M Scotchcal: SC 50-10 White (vehicle lettering) Black RGB: 0/0/0 HEX: #000000 CMYK: 40/0/0/100