Ferrari's newest milliondollar supercar already sold out Fox Business

Each Of These Ferraris Will Sell For Millions At Pebble Beach This Month

Formula 1 legend Fernando Alonso is planning to sell his Ferrari Enzo at an auction in Monaco in June, with an estimated sale price of over $5 million.

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With prices above US$4 million for its LaFerrari supercars, Ferrari is one of the world's most expensive car brands. LaFerrari is the fourth most expensive car on JamesEdition in 2021, after two Koenigseggs and one Pagani (brands that play in a slightly different league).That said, a LaFerrari still is more expensive than Lamborghini's Centauro and the Bugatti Veyron, both known for their.

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Mecum Last month, we reported that Mecum planned to auction a sinister black Ferrari LaFerrari with only 211 miles. Considering it already cost more than $1.4 million when it left the factory,.


Apr 8, 2023 By Matt McIntyre Which are the most expensive Ferraris in the world? If you like your sports cars, and you're partial to a Ferrari, then you're going to love this list. You'll find everything from a 1958 Testa Rossa, to a 1963 GTO worth $70 million! So, let's get straight into it.

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But the top five most expensive Ferraris far exceed the million-dollar mark, duPont Registry reports. Based on limited availability and production, along with a robust roster of impressive features and precisely engineered extras, the following models sell for several million dollars each.

Ferrari's newest milliondollar supercar already sold out Fox Business

In keeping with the deca-theme, the F60 America's reputed $2.5-million cost is just a weekend at the craps tables short of ringing in at 10 times the $320,000 price tag of the Ferrari.


Car Life Classic Cars $5.36 Million LaFerrari Now the Most Expensive Car Ever Sold on Internet Bring A Trailer only made $5099 on the entire transaction. By Mark Vaughn Published: May 10, 2022.


An Irvine man was arrested on fraud charges Monday after authorities say he used $5 million in pandemic relief loans to buy luxury sports cars, take lavish vacations and cover his personal expenses.

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4 1956 Ferrari 290 MM Spider Scaglietti: Sold For $28.05 Million. RM Sotheby's. Old Ferraris are special, it's a known fact, but the Ferrari 290 MM Spider Scaglietti is Ferrari royalty. Designed.

15 Extremely Rare Ferraris That'll Cost Collectors Over 1 Million

Story by Ben McKimm • 3h. With unmatched provenance and factory racing pedigree that stretches from Le Mans to the Nürburgring this 1962 Ferrari 330 LM / 250 GTO by Scaglietti claimed the title.

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Beautiful Ferraris like the 2017 Ferrari F12tdf and the Ferrari 599 GTO, which continued the Gran Turismo Omologato legacy of the 250 GTO and 288 GTO, fetch high-dollar sums. But their speed,.

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At one end of the garage was a rare 1964 250 Lusso Competizione, one of only four known to exist, that he valued at $5 million. At another was the Ferrari F1 race car driven by Michael Schumacher.

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The $5 Million Dollar Ferrari. Years of wheeling and dealing collectible cars have taught Robert M. Lee that it never hurts to ask. (03:04)

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CNN — A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO has sold for $51.705 million, becoming the most expensive car from the Italian manufacturer ever sold at auction. The record-breaking sale took place at Sotheby's.

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Ferrari BR20: Derived from the wagon-esque GTC4 Lusso, the BR20 sports an altogether sleeker roofline, made possible by ditching the donor car's rear seats. Stretching 75mm longer than the Lusso, the BR20's elegant roofline is reminiscent of the 1964 500 Superfast. The Ferrari BR20 was derived from the GTC4 Lusso. Photo: Ferrari.

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Most expensive RV of 2022: $5-million LaFerrari carrier with roof deck By C.C. Weiss December 25, 2022 The most expensive motorhome at the 2022 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon is also the most.