Video Did Ford Really Make a 2002 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra? Mustang Specs

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The Cobra R is built to go, turn, and stop fast, evident from the statistics: a 175-mph (drag limited) top speed, a quarter-mile time of 13.2 seconds at 110 mph, 1.02 g's of grip on the skidpad.

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Under the newly established Ford SVT division, the 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra was offered with the 302 CID V8 that produced 235 hp (175 kW) and 320 ft·lbf (380 N·m) of torque. Featuring more subdued styling than the GT, the Cobra used Ford's new GT-40 high performance engine equipment, which could send a Mustang through the 1/4 mile in 14.3 seconds at just under 100 mph (160 km/h).

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Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe in 2002, the model with 2-door fastback coupe body and V-8 4601 cm3 / 280.3 cui, 238.5 kW / 324 PS / 320 hp (SAE net) of power, 430 Nm / 317 lb-ft of torque, 5-speed manual powertrain for North America Australia U.S.. Specifications listing with the.

Video Did Ford Really Make a 2002 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra? Mustang Specs

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Barry Winfield Published: Jun 1, 2002 View Photos Planet R/Randy Lorentzen | Car and Driver From the June 2002 issue of Car and Driver. One of the four prototype '03 SVT Mustang Cobras at.

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2002 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Although many believe there was no 2002 Cobra, there was a very small release. There were only about 100 vehicles built in total, and they were all shipped to Australia. Once in Australia they were converted to right-hand drive so they could be sold locally.

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The Ford Mustang SVT Cobra was a high-performance model that was part of the SN-99 "New Edge" Fourth Generation Mustang that continued on the preceding SN-95 SVT Cobra platform. Introduced for the 1999 model year, it featured updated exterior styling, a more powerful engine, and, for the first time, fitted to a Mustang, independent rear suspension.

2002 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Wallpapers

Jun 1, 2002 Phoenix, Arizona- Mustang versus Camaro, the decades-long battle, staple of car-magazine covers, source of countless beer-fueled arguments, has at last been decided by history..

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Here are the best: Words and pictures tell only part of the Mustang story. For vehicle dimensions, engine data, annual sales figures, prices and other information, check out 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 Ford Mustang specifications.

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Many people were hoping that 2002 would be different. And it was, just not in the way many were hoping. There were advertisements and promotions for 2002 Cobras. There are even as many as a hundred 2002 Cobras that managed to make it out into the world before SVT pulled the plug.

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We figured that although the Cobra had equal horsepower, the 5.7-liter pushrod Chevy V-8's significant torque advantage (345 pound-feet versus 317) over that of the revvy 32-valve DOHC Cobra.

2002 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Wallpapers

2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra specs, 0-60, quarter mile, lap times, price, top speed, engine specifications, pictures.

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The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (also known as "SVT Mustang Cobra, SVT Cobra," or simply as "Cobra") is a pony car that was built by American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company 's Special Vehicle Team division (or SVT) for the 1993 to 2004 model years.