1996 HarleyDavidson® FLHR/I Road King® (RED), Rapid City, South Dakota

1996 HarleyDavidson® FLHR/I Road King® for Sale in MYRTLE BEACH, SC

2. Windshield Clips Vibrate Loose Another common problem with the HD Road King's windscreen is its spring clips' tendency to pop up while riding on account of the hefty vibrations put out by its 107 ci V-Twin engine. "I have a 2014 Road King, and the spring clips that lock down the windshield won't stay clipped in place.

1996 HarleyDavidson® FLHR/I Road King® for Sale in Wildwood, FL (Item

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#1 So the search is on. Engine/ Frame/ Electrical wise, are there any model years that were more problematic than others? I heard good things about the twin cam 88 motor which i believe is MY 1998-2002 (?) but besides that, anybody experience any frame cracking or electrical gremlins? Thanks to all. BUBBIE Well-Known Member Nov 4, 2009 #2

1996 HarleyDavidson® FLHR/I Road King® for Sale in Jacksonville, FL

#1 I drive a 1996 Road King with a persistant speedometer problem. When I begin a ride, the speedo works just fine for the first half hour, then the needle begins to stick and register impropperly. When I shut it down, the needle stays at 10 mph. After about an hour, things return to normal.

1996 HarleyDavidson® FLHR/I Road King® (RED), Rapid City, South Dakota

The following years should be avoided due to faulty fuel systems, engine failure, ignition switch issues, hydraulic mechanism malfunctions, and transmission issues. Worst Years of Harley Road King: 2000 Harley Road King 2003 Harley Road King 2004 Harley Road King 2006 Harley Road King 2014 Harley Road King 2000 Harley Road King Problems:

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Oct 15, 2010. Oddometer: 1,387. Location: Northeast Tennessee. I had a 97 Electraglide classic I bougaht new for some years. 65,000 trouble free miles for the most part. Stator/regulator went at 50k. The last years of the EVO were the best. Mine had the M-M EFI.

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#1 · Sep 15, 2019 What's up everybody. I have a 1996 Road King EVO. I've had it almost a year, traded my 02 Chopper for it. This summer, it's been quite the headache. It's got 62,000 miles on it, I was told that it had top end work done at 32,000. It's got fishtail pipes on it, K&N filter, and everything else is stock.

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There are many possible reasons why your Harley-Davidson Road King may fail to start, such as a dead battery, a bad connection, a faulty ignition switch, a clogged fuel filter, or a defective starter. This section will help you identify and fix some of the common causes of Road Kings that won't start. Check the Battery


Regular inspections and prompt replacements can prevent this problem from escalating into a more serious issue, like brake failure. Vibrating Bolts The Road King's heavy engine vibration is a characteristic trait that some riders find less than desirable.

1996 HarleyDavidson® FLHR/I Road King® for Sale in MYRTLE BEACH, SC

Like the rest of the big twin Hogs, the Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King's 'Twin Cam' motor has just been boosted to 1584cc (from 1450cc and, before that, 1340cc) which gives it a healthy torque.

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A faulty fuel system Engine and motor issues Transmission issues Wait, it doesn't stop there! In this article, you will find everything there is to know about the Road King issues and which years to avoid. Overview Of Common Issues With Road Kings A customer always expects a new version of something to be better than its predecessor.

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Has anyone experienced an issue with an intermittent miss in a late 90's FLHRI. I have a fuel injected 1996 Road King that's developed a miss when going through the gears. I've had it at a HD dealership several times in the past two years with no luck. I get the impression they don't want to work on a bike that old, and don't spend.

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1996 RoadKing FLHRI. Seems i have a problem Hope someone can help. When i take her out on the highway after about 30 miles , the engine light comes on and goes off, sometime it comes on and stays on, longer.Tthen it will start to sputter and lose power can only go about 40 miles an hour . I have cleaned the fuel tank and screens and changed the.

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Harley Davidson Road King - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly review - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC A brief overview of the good, the bad, the ugly of the Harley Davidson Road King.

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November 10, 2023 Harley Davidson's Road King is a symbol of classic motorcycle design and comfortable touring experience. Its unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality has made it a favorite among biking enthusiasts. However, like any other machine, certain Road King models have been affected by a range of issues over the years.

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The Harley-Davidson Road King is a classic that keeps getting improved upon with each iteration. If you're looking to add this stunning motorcycle to your garage, the best year to start with is the 2016 Road King Classic. And it's best to avoid the 2006 model when you can. Most models come with a windscreen though some models' are.