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The 180sx with the right engine is one of the fastest cars in the game. I've been beat by a 180sx using some very good cars StillXorFocussed69 • dang. only reason i ask is because im looking for a good engine that can give me great handling that can still get 400+ Brutal-Black • [deleted] • Brutal-Black • Firm_Reaction5504 • guitarsandstoke • • •

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r/needforspeed • 4 yr. ago skribsbb A few questions on the upgrade system in NFS Heat I'm still trying to wrap my head around the upgrade system and options in NFS: Heat. I'm trying to figure it out from watching guides, but most people just tell you what parts they're using, and not why they use those parts.

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Between the Nissan 180SX Type X '96, the BMW M3 Evolution II '88, and the Ford Mustang '65, which car should players select? RELATED: Need For Speed Heat: How To Get & Use Repair Kits There.


5-speed Manual 1,220 kg (2,690 lbs) Layout Front-Engine, Rear-wheel drive The 1996 Nissan 180SX Type-X (S13) is a two-door coupé manufactured by Nissan from 1996 to 1998 for the Asian and Australian market. It was sold in different specifications as the 240SX in North America and as the 200SX in Europe.

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It's about how you take a stock Nissan 180SX - one of the starter cars in Need for Speed Heat - and embellish it with tricked-out ECUs and turbochargers while lavishing its exterior with vinyls.

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Hey guys, am new to NFS Heat. Bought the 180sx and slapped on the 3.8l V6 as soon as I unlocked it due to it seeming like it was a good buy. However I noticed the rev limiter was pushed lower but the car is a lot quicker. I built it to be my all rounded racer but found that at higher speeds of 180+ km/h, the car would understeer severely even.

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You're Using the WRONG BUILD | 1996 Nissan 180SX BUILD GUIDE Need for Speed HeatWelcome to the Militia Gaming Community, I'm trigger militia and this video i.


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Racing a car.

NFS Heat Nissan 180SX Type X Stardust YouTube

Need for Speed Heat 2019 Browse game Gaming Browse all gaming 180sx with the s13 front end conversion, nothin you haven't seen before I'm assuming 🤷‍♂️, enjoy 😉#nfs #needforspeed.

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Engine swaps for 180sx Has anyone swapped out their engine for the 3.81 V8? If so, what is your thoughts on it? Someone was saying that it understeers too much. 2 Sort by: Open comment sort options Deliquescator • 4 yr. ago

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Finished my 180SX drift build. 1 / 6. 14 comments. Best. Add a Comment. Poudrepal • 3 yr. ago. I'm super against sil80s and super against rocket bunny/ liberty walk kits but damn dude this thing is Fucking stunning. 3. jdmking1234 • 3 yr. ago.


or $248 /mo. This is a must see Corvette that has several tasteful upgrades to appearance and performance. It's loaded with options which include stainless steel grill inserts, stainless steel "Corvette"…. Private Seller. ( 2,280 miles away)

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10 0:00 / 1:21 Nissan 180SX Type X - All Maxed out Engines Stats+Sound | Need for Speed Heat NRayGED 937 subscribers Subscribe 9K views 3 years ago Welcome to the NFS Heat series were.


I like putting the M3 Gtr engine in everything. The one with the highest potential HP. I like the big Porsche engine, the 4-litre flat six. It's the one with the highest potential horse-power for this car. 6.2L Chevy crate motor. I put the 3.5 liter V6 from the 370Z into my 180SX and gave it a centrifugal supercharger.

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r/NFSHeat • 2 yr. ago Bean_mon Is the 180SX worth it? Question I got the Nissan 180SX as My starter car and have overtime gotten other cars that are better, i.e. an RX-7, the NFS underground 2 350z, and the V8 Vantage, and am wondering if I should try to get more money to use on the 180. Is it worth the time and money to upgrade this car? 1